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Excellent customer references, dedication to excellence, always available to our customers.

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IT experienced professionals in cross brand technologies

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and more of our colleagues have 8+ years of experience

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of experience in delivering cross brand technology services


companies in Europe and US, in collaboration with

Intellectual property protection

Piracy is a serious problem in many outsourcing hotspots. The main concern for a company/organization planning to outsource or currently outsourcing is related to security issues (including IP theft and fraud).

Cloud Business Services has an active approach in preventing IP theft and fraud to protect our customers and their organizations. Your intellectual property will be safe with us!

Cloud Business Services has a clear security strategy implemented.

Customer Segregation

We arrange independent information space for each project

Anti-Virus Protection

We employ daily-updated antivirus software on each server and workstation and email antivirus software on email software.

IP Segregation

Intruder Protocol

Public IP addresses are only on Internet-enabled server.

We use firewalls on internet channels.

Cloud Business Services rigorously checks all employees hired. All employees sign NDA and take course on IP rights.

We screen all employees for criminal background, civil actions, any discrepancy in resume, experience, education, references and interviews.

Incredible benefits!

Customer Service
Customer service

Improve operations and customer service through tailored solutions.

Better workflow
Better workflow

Allow your business to concentrate on its core competencies

Lower costs
Lower costs

Cloud Business Services helps you save your money and develop your company

Maximized Profits
Maximized profits

Cut costs, avoid capital expenditures and employee costs such as insurance and benefits

High Results
High results

Increase retention and lay a stable foundation for long-term growth

Extreme Flexibility
Extreme flexibility

Achieve flexibility to handle changes in business cycles

Great Service Delivery
Great services delivery

Gain access to highly trained professionals in cross band technologies

Full availability
Full availability

Expedient business solutions, whenever you need it

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction

Develop value-added capabilities that improve customer satisfaction

They trust us

All our services are designed to make our customer's life simpler.