Code of conduct

The Cloud Business Services General Director commits himself to respect and fulfill all requirements and objectives set out in this Code of Conduct; to apply the human rights principles and practices, occupational health and safety, but also environmental protection, and business ethics principles and practices.


I. Workforce

Free Choice of Employment

The Employment of Minors

Work Programme

Salary and other Benefits

Humane Treatment

Non- discrimination

Freedom of Association

II. Health and Safety

Workplace Safety

Emergency Preparedness

Occupational Accidents and Diseases

Hygiene at Work

Hard Physical Labour

Sanitation Facilities, Food Preparation

Health and Security Communication

III. Environment

Environmental Authorizations, Permits and Registrations

Pollution Prevention and Resource Savings

Dangerous Substances

Wastewater and solid Waste

Emissions into the Air

Relative Restrictions on the Used Substances

Use of Rainwater

Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

IV. Business ethics

Business Integrity

No undue Advantages

Information Disclosure

Intellectual Property

Equity in commercial Practices, Advertising and Competition

Identity Protection and Absence of Retaliation

Responsible Supply of Ores

Respect for private Life

V. Management system

Business Commitment

Providers’ Responsibilities


This Code of Conduct is the commitment of Cloud Business Services to responsibility and integrity which define the programmes’ alignment to legal norms.

The General Director commits himself to respect and fulfill all the requirements and objectives stated in this Code of Conduct; to the application of human rights principles and practices, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, but also business ethics.

The following obligations are stated in this Code of Conduct:

  • Maintenance of a high level of business ethics;
  • Use of the best business practices;
  • Vehement disapproval of onerous practices no matter the manner of manifestation (corruption, extortion or misappropriation of funds, attainment  of undue advantages, disclosure of confidential information and so on);
  • Identity protection;
  • Responsible use of raw materials;
  • Strict compliance with the Labour Code laws;
  • I. Work Force

    Cloud Business Services commits itself to respect human rights and treat its employees with dignity and respect, according to the international community requirements. [This applies to all employees, be they temporary employees, immigranti, students, employees by contract with another company, direct employees or no matter the category they belonged to.]

    Cloud Business Services commits itself to respect the in-force laws and requirements relating to employment relation with regard to the free choice of employment, the employment of minores, work programme, salary and other benefits, humane treatment, non-discrimination, freedom of association.

  • Respecting human rights and labour legislation thereby ensuring all employees equal chances, based on their merits;
  • No use of forced labour; all employees work with their consent;
  • Conclude the employment contract in a language well known by the employees;
  • Respect legal norms with regard to unreasonable restrictions concerning the freedom of movement at the workplace;
  • The employee payment should be in accordance with the Romanian legislation, surpassing the obligatory minimum wage, by paying supplementary hours according to law, respectively;
  • The employees' working hours;
  • Exclusion of any type of discrimination based on race, religion, age, nationality, social or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, sex, political vision/ association or disabilities. The selection process is based exclusively on the professional and personal qualities of the employees;
  • The encouragement of any type of association among the employees, and seeing association as a potential for positive changes, for progress and permanent improvement of our activity, of a more and more competitive market position;
  • In case of foreign employees giving them an employment contract in their mother tongue, which should contain a description of employment conditions, before they leave their country;
  • Observation: Upon writing this Code of Conduct, Cloud Business Services had no foreign employees.

    Moreover, it complies with legal norms with regard to the age of the employees, without registering cases of minor employees or employees under the age of graduating their obligatory studies.

    This matter is also checked by the employment procedures- checking the employment documents (identity card, birth certificate), checking obtained certificates and licences, checking recognition certificates.

    II. Health and Safety

    Given the nature of the work being performed (software services) Cloud Business Services has no production lines and as such, the risk of work accidents is an extremely low one.

    Workplace Safety

    Cloud Business Services commits itself to assure and promote a healthy, friendly and sure working environment, according to international standards and to applicable national laws. This is made by identification, evaluation of occupational health and security risks and the application of measures for maintaining these risks under control and reducing them, under normal working conditions but also in case of emergencies.

    Consequently, these are the Cloud Business Services objectives concerning the emergency preparedness, occupational accidents or diseases, hygiene at work, hard physical labour, sanitation facilities, food preparation, health and security communication:

  • Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all employees;
  • Deliver the employees through periodic trainings all the necessary information in order to avoid occupational accidents and in order to guarantee a correct action in extreme situations;
  • Take into consideration the ergonomic conditions in the desk arrangement and corresponding furniture arrangement at the workplace;
  • The encouragement of any proposal to improve the practices in this field coming from any company employee;
  • The creation of an environment which can ensure a reasonable balance between the employees' work and personal life, so that they should feel satisfied with both;
  • Strict compliance with the legislation in force for this field;
  • The systematic analysis of the activity in order to identify potential risks and taking prevention measures;
  • The prompt and correct investigation of possible incidents when they occur;
  • Ensuring periodic occupational medical examination at the highest possible standards;
  • Ensuring employees with special needs specific ergonomic conditions upon request;
  • III. Environment

    Manufacture of products sold worlwide goes hand in hand with the responsibility for the environment. During the manufacturing process the negative effects on the community, the environment and natural resources must be reduced, at the same time maintaining public health and safety.

    During the efforts made for environment protection as regards authorisations, permits and registrations in the domain of environmental protection, prevention of pollution and resource savings, dangerous substances, wastewater and solid waste, emissions into the air, relative restrictions upon used substances, use of rainwater, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, Cloud Business Services commits itself to the:

  • Permanent improvement of performance through procedures found in the environment management system;
  • Elaboration of plans with objectives and goals for minimzing the impact of operations upon the environment;
  • Ensuring the compliance with the in-force legislation about the envinronment protection;
  • Implementation of programs for the prevention of pollution and minimising the resource consumption through the reuse and recycling of materials;
  • Responsable use of electric power and water;
  • Efficient decision-making of every incident for minimising the impact on the environment;
  • Obtaining all environmental permits and authorisations (if this is the case);
  • Pollution prevention;
  • Reduction of raw material consumption;
  • Responsible use of dangerous substances;
  • Responsible use of waste and wastewater;
  • Apply restrictions on the contents of products (where appropriate);
  • III. Business Ethics

    Cloud Business Services promotes high ethical standards and the alignment of the programme to the norms through the commitment to responsibility and integrity. The Business Conduct Standards, as an extension of the Cloud Business Services values, reflect the permanent commitment to respecting ethical business practices and legal norms.

    Business integrity

    One of the main objectives in this domain is the compliance with the most exigent ethical norms in all business relationships. Presents are not accepted under any circumstances, as an exchange for favours. The same applies for corruption, extortion, or misappropriation of funds. All business relations take place in a transparent manner and are accurately registered in the accounting records.

    No undue Advantages

    Any means of obtaining undue or illegal advantages are excluded from the very outset. The following actions are especially excluded: promising, offering, authorising of, giving or accepting any valuable, either directly or through agents for obtaining or maintaining a certain market position, transferring the business to another person or obtaining certain illegal advantages.

    For the maintenance of business ethical standards and norms, especially concerning disclosure of information, intellectual property, but also equity in commercial practices, advertising and competition, Cloud Business Services commits itself to:

  • Make public the following information in accordance with the legislation in force:
  • -use of workforce;

    -health and work safety practices;

    -working environment;

    -commercial activities;

    -organizational structure;

    -financial management;

  • Make sure that every technology or knowledge transfer will be accomplished in such a manner as to protect the intellectual property rights;
  • Protect the client information and in this sense respect the principles of information confidentiality ;
  • Not admit any misleading advertising practices or advertising which highlights the errors and issues, be they real or alleged, of the competitors’ products;
  • Identity Protection and Absence of Retaliation

    Cloud Business Services encourages a conduct through which the employees are informed of the following:

  • any deviation from ethical norms;
  • any breach of occupational health and safety procedures;
  • any breach of environmental protection procedures;
  • any inconsistent action or inconsistency noticed at one’s own behaviour, at an employee or manager, a public servant or official instance.
  • Therefore, the company Cloud Business Services guarantees confidentiality, anonymity and the protection of the individuals who were informed about the previously listed information or about any other relevant information for activity improvement and company brand improvement and makes sure that its employees will not be subjected to retaliation.

    Respect for private Life

    Cloud Business Services commits itself to respect reasonable expectations about the business partners’ personal information, including providers, clients, employees, but also in-force laws and requirements referring to private life and information security when personal information is gathered, archived, processed or trasmitted.

    IV. Management System

    Business Commitment

    The Cloud Business Services General Director commits himself to respect and fulfill the employment relations policy of the established objectives, and to this end ensures the human and financial resource allocation and the maintenance of the necessary infrastructure necessary for the rendered services according to the imposed requirements.

    Management Obligations and Responsibilities

    The management representative in this field is invested with definite responsibility and authority for:

  • ensuring that the necessary processes for the Management System of Employment Relations are determined, implemented and maintained;
  • reporting the management about the functioning of the Management System of Employment Relations with a view to its permanent analysis and improvement;
  • Identification, communication and application of in-force laws and requirements as well as clients’ reasonable requirements.
  • The management commits itself to the permanent improvement of the Management System of Employment Relations.